Free Sales & Marketing Resources in Central- and Southeast Europe - Your Salesteam on the pulse of the local market

Who are we?

We are a sales agency, located in Graz, Austria, providing Business Development in Central- and Southeast Europe for manufacturers worldwide. We specialize on 2 areas: On the one hand, on the M2M and IoT Branch, which is constantly growing, and on the other hand on the leisure and diving sport industry.

What do we do?

We help companies and vendors worldwide to develop their business in central- and south European countries. We build up local, strategic channel partners for our customers while we support them in the direct approach and referral of end-consumers. Thereby we keep in mind the final goal of continuously increasing brand awareness and establishing long lasting business relationships for our partners.

Who do we approach?  

We approach manufacturers, which are located in America, Asia and / or Europe and want to expand to or further develop their business in Central- and Southeast Europe.  Our service is primarily directed towards companies operating in the following branches: Either the telecommunication market, for example offering M2M and IoT solutions, or in the leisure & diving sport industry. We are looking for reliable partners, which we can support with a committed sales representation and local access to the market.

Where do we operate?

We focus our activities primarily on the following countries: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Turkey.

How do we work?

A crucial point is, that manufacturers do not bear any risk – we exclusively base our service and payment on results and successes. Our long-term experience in business development, including the building and maintenance of partnerships is, together with our language skills and our technical know-how one of our key strengths. We commit ourselves to our partners and seek common success and stable growth through effective teamwork! This is also why we are now, after 12 years, able to present an extensive network of partners. What’s more, with our sales office based in Austria, near the city of Graz, we are located right in the Middle of Europe, which greatly benefits our business purpose. 

 Why 2 so different markets?

Both the M2M / IoT and leisure & diving sport industry are growing markets. Especially the telecommunication market is subject to consistent development and is an integral part of life and the future. That’s why it also demonstrates a huge potential for development and growth for companies.

On the other side, the leisure industry, including diving sport, more and more occupies a vital role.
Just dive, unwind, relax and recharge one’s batteries while enjoying pure nature. The weightlessness does not merely motivate managers, but all people and vocational classes, which need to deliver top performance in everyday life. We from Dolphine Agency are diving enthusiasts ourselves and therefore like to engage ourselves in this field.   


Contact details:

Dolphine Agency e.U.

General Manager and Owner: Heike Saadatpour

 Kalsdorfer Straße 43-45

Feldkirchen bei Graz

8073 Austria

 E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Mobile: +43 676 470 70 50

Skype: heikees